E-Mail / Lotus Notes

The UZH provides students and employees with the groupware Lotus Notes/Domino. Lotus Notes is an integrated platform to manage e-mail, appointments, contacts and tasks. Chats und online meetings can also be conducted with this tool.

Webmail 'iNotes'

The simplest way to access Lotus is by using your Web browser:

Log in with your UZH Shortname, your UZH Fullname or one of your UZH e-mail addresses. The password is the UZH LOTUS password.

Local Mail Client 'Notes'

The locally installed client Lotus Notes offers more comfortable usage than the web client and allows one to work offline. Lotus Notes must be installed and configured on your PC.

The following video shows you the many functions and possibilities of this client:

Lotus 'Traveler' (for mobiles)

Lotus Traveler allows you to manage e-mail, contacts and appointments on your smart phone.

Other Mail Clients (IMAP)

If you only wish to use e-mail (and not tasks and contacts), you can alternatively administer your UZH account with another mail client:

Chat ('Sametime')

Sametime integrates instant messaging in the Lotus platform. One can chat with the local client Lotus Notes as also with the Web client.

The last two links point to the server lotusbase.uzh.ch. If you wish to access it over WLAN or from outside the UZH, you must use VPN, or enable the UZH Proxy in your browser.

Online Meetings ('Sametime Meeting Rooms')

Online Meetings (even with external people) can be organised with Sametime Meeting Rooms. Open a Meeting Room in your Web browser and invite your participants in.