Terms and Conditions of Participation

Art. 1 Eligibility to participate

(1) All students and staff (UZH members) of the University of Zurich are entitled to participate in ICT Training.

(2) Students and employees of other universities or educational institutions affiliated with the UZH who do not have a UZH e-mail account (UZH-external persons) can be admitted to particular courses by arrangement.



Art. 2 Registration and waiting list entry

For UZH members

(1) Registration is made online via the UZH e-mail account.

(2) If a course is already fully booked, UZH members can register on the waiting list. The entry on the waiting list does not entitle you to participate.

(3) Persons on the waiting list will receive an invitation to register by e-mail from the course secretariat as soon as a place becomes available or an additional course is offered.

(4) Persons on the waiting list who receive an invitation to register must confirm their participation via the Participating Homepage within 72 hours. If the deadline is missed, the person will be placed on the waiting list again.

(5) Future employees of the University of Zurich who do not yet have a UZH e-mail account can register for a course by sending an e-mail to the course secretariat stating their name, first name, institution/department, current contact e-mail, telephone number and course title.

(6) The confirmation of the registration is binding.  The participant is obligated to unsubscribe in case of a possible hindrance.


For UZH-external persons

(1) The application for registration from persons outside the UZH shall be sent by e-mail to the Course Secretariat of the Central IT Services one week before the course begins. If the registration button "Registration (without UZH Mail Login)" is available for specific courses, the registration has to be done via the registration form on the course website.

(2) There is generally no entitlement to an entry on the waiting list.

(3) The following information is required for the registration of persons outside the UZH:

             Full name of the company

             Name of the educational institution

             E-mail address of the educational institution from which the application must be submitted.

             Name of the course including abbreviation to be attended (in case of doubt with the          dates and URL of the event)

             Motivation of the registration for this course.

(4) Please note that the application for registration of persons outside the UZH cannot be complied without stating further reasons.

(5) The confirmation of the registration is binding.  The participant is obligated to unsubscribe in case of a possible hindrance.

Art. 3 Course cancellation and expulsion in case of unexcused absence

(1) Cancellation of courses is only possible online via the participant's homepage.

(2) The cancellation of courses is possible via the participant's homepage up to 24 hours prior to the start of the course and must be made within this period.

(3) Persons who have registered for a ICT course and who are absent at the beginning of the course without deregistration via the participant's homepage shall be deemed to be absent without excuse.

(4) Persons who are absent without any excuse will be blocked by the course secretariat for the course in question and for all further courses, including already registered courses, and will be automatically deregistered.

(5) The suspension applies to all ICT courses, in particular also to future courses or courses that have not yet been registered by the person who is absent without excuse.

(6) The suspension shall be lifted for a fee of CHF 50.00. After payment of the fee at the IT Service Desk, the person concerned can return to attend all ICT courses.

(7) If the absence is justified and understandable, the course secretariat may in exceptional cases refrain from suspension or automatic cancellation.


Art. 4 Course fees

(1) ICT courses are offered free of charge as part of studies, teaching or employment at the UZH.

Art. 5 Course requirements and certificate

(1) One-day courses or courses that only take place in the morning or afternoon (duration of two to three hours) must be attended in full.

(2) Attendance of the first course unit is obligatory for courses lasting several days (see Art. 3, para. 3)

(3) The course is successfully completed when 80% of the course hours have been completed. In this case, a certificate of successful completion of the course will be handed out on the last day of the course, stating the learning objectives achieved.

Art. 6 Course materials

(1) The materials required for the course are specified in the course description.

Art. 7 Cancellation of a course

(1) If a course has to be cancelled due to a lack of participants, the affected participant will be notified one week before the course starts on your UZH e-mail account.