Scientific Computing

The infrastructure for scientific computing provided by S3IT includes:

  • ScienceCloud, the flexible and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing infrastructure, which we offer as an alternative to local infrastructure at research groups for all data and compute intensive applications;
  • Piz Dora, the UZH share of the Piz Dora Supercomputer run by CSCS in Lugano, for large-scale high-performance parallel computations;
  • Hydra, our symmetric multiprocessing cluster with large amounts of shared memory, for workloads with very high memory requirements.

See Science IT for more information and related services.

How to get Access

Access to the computational infrastructure is open for all researchers at the University of Zurich. Before providing access, however, we would like to schedule an in-person meeting to assess your computational needs, give you an introduction to the systems, and advise on the recommended way to use the UZH scientific computing infrastructure. Get in touch by emailing