E-Mail / Collaboration

UZH makes Notes / Domino groupware available to all members. Notes is an integrated platform for managing your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. You can access your UZH mailbox via the following clients:

iNotes Symbol





UZH short name/ full name / e-mail address
(e.g. jjampot / Joe Jampot / joe.jampot@uzh.ch)

E-mail/collaboration password

The pop-up blocker must be deactivated, and JavaScript activated.
Notes Symbol

Local client (offers more functions than iNotes, including archiving, replication, full-text search, chat history, etc.)

Verse Symbol

App for smartphones and tablets ("Traveler" is the old name)

IMSMO Symbol

With IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook you can access with Outlook your e-mail, calendar and contacts. Links to the manual and download for UZH members.


Local clients (e.g. Thunderbird, MacMail)