Configuring E-Mail Clients

You can also use other e-mail clients to view e-mails (i.e. without access to calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, or other functions). At the University of Zurich the services IMAP and SMTP are available for incoming and outgoing e-mails respectively.

Protocol Mail server Port Security Login Password
IMAP 993 SSL Short name or e-mail address E-mail/collaboration
SMTP 587 TLS Short name or e-mail address E-mail/collaboration

Tip: Before configuring your client make sure you still know your e-mail password by logging into Webmail. If that doesn't work, change it in the ITIM.

Note: Resources with information on configuring the mail client on your mobile phone include the Apple support site, Roberto's Blog (data synchronization, in German) and ZInfo (MS Outlook for iOS / Android: don't use it! (in German)).

The following simulation takes you through configuring the e-mail client of your choice, including all the necessary settings, once you've entered your name and e-mail address.