E-Mail Clients (Verse/Traveler) on Mobile Devices

The app Verse and the previous version Traveler enable you to synchronize your UZH mailbox with mobile devices. For iPhone, iPad, and iPod it basically doesn't require software installation. All you have to do is configure the Traveler profile. Alternatively, on more recent iOS operating systems, you can install the software client Verse. On Android and Windows Mobile, and Nokia N and E series devices, you always have to use a software client (Traveler for older operating systems, Verse for more recent ones).

Requirements and Instructions for Installation

The following simulation takes you through the set-up of Traveler/Verse on the operating system of your choice once you've entered your name and e-mail address. Please consult the instructions from IBM to install and configure for Windows Phone and Blackberry 10. Use your short name and e-mail/collaboration password and the server sync.uzh.ch for configuration.