About S3IT

S3IT supports UZH researchers and research groups in using IT to empower their research, from consultancy to application support and access to cutting-edge cloud, cluster and supercomputing systems. S3IT services include:

  • Consultancy. Helps researchers better understand how their needs can be met through IT solutions.  S3IT helps define the problem, research and create solutions and make plans to deliver them. Common support areas include the analysis of research data, interpretation, visualization and statistical analysis. Dedicated support is available in bioinformatics and medical applications.
  • Access to infrastructure. The infrastructure provided by S3IT includes:
    • ScienceCloud – a scalable cutting edge cloud infrastructure, which we offer for compute-intensive applications, and as an alternative to local infrastructure at research groups;
    • Supercomputing at CSCS (UZH share on Piz Dora), for High Performance Computing;
    • The Hydra Cluster for workloads with special needs such as very high memory requirements or graphical processing with GPUs.
  • Software and application support. S3IT installs and configures the necessary applications for researchers and develops specialist tools where needed. The software we choose is typically open source tools. S3IT also provides site licenses for some commercial tools.

Get support from S3IT.

Contact us at contact@s3it.uzh.ch to discuss your needs and let us work together to find you a solution.

We provide regular support to UZH research groups and can also participate as a partner in larger projects. Get in touch with us if you are preparing a research proposal so we can provide guidance and participate in the project where appropriate.


Service and Support for Science IT.