2017-10-31: Permanently delete instances on ScienceCloud in SHUTOFF state

Dear cloud users,

After the recent DataCenter cooling problem [1], a number of ScienceCloud instances has been left in SHUTOFF state. We are going to permanently delete those VMs at the end of October. Read on for details.

What does SHUTOFF mean ?

IT means that the instance has been power off; its memory content has been lost but its data content is still available.
What matter the most to us is that such instances are still occupying physical resources while, at the same time, doing nothing.
As you can imagine this poses quite some issues for other eager ScienceCloud users that would like to make effective use of the available infrastructure.

What now ?

On October 31st 2017, all the instances that are in SHUTOFF state as of today - 26.09.2017 - will be permanently deleted.

We are distributing the list of SHUTOFF instances for your individual group to the group owner - typically this is your professor - and to the corresponding technical contact person.
You could check the status of the instances of your group by connecting to the ScienceCloud web interface under "Instances".

What do I need to do ?

If you need to restart one of the SHUTOFF instances please follow the procedure described at [2]
If you already know you won't need to restart a SHUTOFF instance, please make sure you delete it already thus freeing viable resources.

[1] https://s3it.lists.uzh.ch/sympa/arc/cloud/2017-08/msg00006.html
[2] https://s3it.lists.uzh.ch/sympa/arc/cloud/2017-09/msg00002.html