S3IT data manager

S3IT data manager - a data manager based on openBIS

S3IT data manager is a fully supported data management service where scientists and research groups can organize, store and share their data. The service is operated as a part of the ScienceCloud and we have the technical possibility to manager large data sets (>100 TB) if needed. S3IT data manager is easily used over the web but can also be integrated into workflows or report generators where both data and metadata can be accessed automatically.

S3IT data manager is a modern data management system that can:

  • store large amounts of data (>100TB or larger)
  • flexible metadata system that can describe the data and how files/datasets are related to each other (see below)
  • powerful tagging system to associate data with projects or publications
  • share data privately with invited colleagues
  • access to data and metadata via a powerful API to integrate the system in workflows or report generators
  • underlying data is stored in two separate data storage infrastructures to increase durability of data

S3IT data manager - the technical details

S3It data manager is based on openBIS, an open-source software suite developed by the ETH Zurich. openBIS is used at many institutions across Switzerland and Europe. The principle concept in openBIS is a dataset, one or more files organized in an arbitrary folder structure. The datasets are stored in so-called openBIS SPACES that controls who can access them. Each user has access to one or more SPACES and can have different roles in the different SPACES. Datasets can be associated with samples or experiments and these samples and experiments have parameters to describe the sample. This allows users to link biological samples in freezers or fridges with data generated from these samples. S3IT data manager has a powerful application interface that enables users to integrated it into workflows or report generators. If you are interested in more details, please attend one of our introductory courses.

Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to contact@s3it.uzh.ch