GC3Pie Training Program

We are pleased to announce the GC3Pie training program: a regular set of training events aimed at providing you with a better understanding of how GC3Pie works and how you can use it to improve your research.

The training program targets both GC3Pie end-users like researchers as well as IT coordinators that are providing services to their respective groups.

As the number of attendees is limited, we recommend you to register in good time before the event.


GC3Pie for programmers

Training events for programmers (more info) are scheduled twice per year.

28.8.2017 -- 01.09.2017  (Register here)

Do you want to discuss a specific topic?

If you would like a specific topic to be discussed and presented in our of our next training events, please send us your suggestions at: help@s3it.uzh.ch